2 Meter Barricade

Length: 2000 MM
Width: 500 MM
Height: 1000 MM
Water Capacity: 100 Ltrs

  • 2 meter Barricades  are made out of high quality premium grade Polyethylene material.

  • UV Stabilized

  • Excellent ESCR

  • No rust, no Chip, No Peel

  • Absolutely maintenance free.

  • Can be interlocked in series.

  • Can be interlocked to form Triangle & Square

  • Very good weather resistance.

  • Non Fading Colors.

  • Water / Sand filling provision.

  • Environmental friendly.

  • Company Logo, Advertisements, Cautionary signs, direction arrows can be pasted on the barricades.

  • Water Inlet and trench point are provided

  • Used for pedestrian, vehicular segregation, Construction excavation activities etc.

SKU: 2 Meter Barricade


Used For:  To withstand high wind pressure generated by fast-moving vehicles and are also more effective, more stable, and safer compared to conventional products such as drums, and posts. Safety Barricades (Interlocking & Water / Sand Fillable) make it more durable by filling it with water or sand.Can be Interlocked


  • Eye-catching non-fading colors and designs to attend attention.
  • Easy interlocking for creating required lengths.No rust, chipping or peeling – completely maintenance-free.
  • Totally stackable design allows for a large number of barriers to be stored in a small space, saving storage, and transportation costs.
  • Effective length – 2000 mm (2-meter barricade).
  • Available in Red  & Yellow Color

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